Privacy Policy

Confidentiality is something we take to heart.  The personal information that we gather from using this website will only be used internally. You can trust us that we will keep this private.  We will not sell, share or lease your personal data to unauthorized third party vendor or unknown company. Your permission will be secured before we do anything with your data.  This is our promise.

We do use cookies to track our readers better. They provide us with critical information about you. They let us understand how we can improve our services as well as our website. We use these analytics to your advantage.  Since we also want to inform you of our latest promotions, new services or just keep you abreast of the latest trends, we may send you a notice about these which we believe you may find interesting.  Don’t get us wrong you can disable this option if you so wish but we do hope that you won’t.

In these times where cyber threats are present, you can be assured that Economic Profit is always on the lookout for your protection. We have adopted a strict security infrastructure and protocols to safeguard the credibility of our website protecting our data as well as any information stored. We take seriously this fight against any external threats. We have employed the latest security programs and are constantly updating our software to keep unwanted guests out.

Your privacy is our upmost concern and we will never do anything to break that trust. We will inform you if any changes will happen in the future. You have our word.