Focus on Feelings: How to Inspire Emotional Responses with Videos

business people watching a video ad

business people watching a video adAsk marketers what’s the best way to make people respond to a call-to-action and they would most likely say, "Provoke an emotion." Many people are emotional decision makers, especially when it comes to their relationship with brands. If you’re planning to do a corporate video, either to introduce a new product to the market or train your staff, your goal should be to inspire emotional responses. Here are ways to do that:

Decide which emotions to tug

This is obviously the first step. You should be able to envision the exact emotion you want to elicit from your audience. If you’re launching a new product, you probably want the viewers to be in awe at its features and benefits.

If you’re training employees for safety, you may have to tap a little on to fear to promote avoidance of danger. If you’re communicating your brand values to potential employees, you want to make them excited in joining your team. It’s important to have a clear sense of the emotion you’re trying to tap into — and you and your production team must be on the same page on this.

Tell a story

Now that you’ve identified the emotion you want to hit, you now have to wrap it in a narrative. The entire corporate video production, as Manchester branding experts explain, would depend on your story. It should have these two elements: problem and solution.

There are lots of sources for narratives. Depending on the type of corporate video you’re crafting, you can interview employees, customers, and other stakeholders. Human interest stories naturally elicit emotions from audiences, so you just have to pick something that aligns with your "emotion vision." Video production agencies can help you craft a compelling narrative.

Use the right talent

It’s likewise important to have the right "mouthpieces" to tell your story — and this would depend on the people or actors you’ll include in the video. If you’re telling a fictional story, check out the acting portfolio of your talents to make sure they’re fit for the job. If you’re going for a documentary style and would use — let's say, real employees or customers, the people then should have credibility. All these are important so you can stay faithful to the emotion you’re trying to bring out.

The best way to compel your audience into responding to your calls of action in videos is to tug at their emotions. Consult video production agencies to make your content better.

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