Check this Tech: Four Tech Tools for Real Estate Agents

Man holding a mobile phone

Man holding a mobile phoneThere’s a lot going on atop a real estate agent’s desk. Paperwork, contacts, canvassing, and listings – these are just a few of the many things a real estate agent is responsible for. It can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have resources to help you.

As a real estate agent, you should not only know how to negotiate and sell, but you should also be able to multi-task, which can be done more efficiently with technology.

1. Mobile Applications

These days, almost everyone owns a smartphone. As a real estate agent with many people to contact, a smartphone will be your best friend and your investment. Your phone should not be limited to text messaging and phone calls. You should get the most of it by downloading mobile applications that can ease your job a little.

PropertyAccess Philippines, a property listing site, came up with a list of mobile applications every real estate agent needs. The list includes Google Maps, DocuSign, and Loan Calculator. Apart from these, real estate agents – seasoned or starting – can benefit from the following applications:

  • Canva: this graphic design application helps real estate agents create presentations, Facebook posters, invitations, and other print ads on their mobile phones. It is available on Android and iPhone.
  • RescueTime: this tracks how much time you spent on an activity, a document, or an application. With RescueTime, you can monitor your productivity. Apart from this, the app can also block websites you don’t need while you are working.
  • RoomScan: this is an augmented reality scanner that uses a laser to measure a floor of a property. The app exports the measurements as image files. Currently, the app is available to iPhone users.

2. Cloud Storage

As a real estate agent, you will manage a lot of important files – photos, documents, and even videos. All these you need to access instantly. By uploading your files on the cloud, you will be able to work anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.

Some of these documents may be sensitive and confidential. For this reason, the cloud is an ideal location to secure your files. As you upload them on the cloud, your files are automatically encrypted and backed up.

Additionally, you can sync as many devices as you can on a single account. Whatever changes you made on your files will be applied to all mobile devices. The cloud also lets you collaborate with your clients or other agents. With just a few clicks, you can send updated files to anyone.

3. Customer Relationship Management

Without customer relationship management (CRM) software you might drown in an ocean of leads, customer data, and property details. CRM software helps you organize information about your clients – contacts, location, jobs, and what they are looking for in the property.

Today, though, CRM software systems are more than just databases to store client information. They now offer unique benefits. For example, these applications can be integrated into cloud storage, which means, you can access your contacts anytime. Modern CRM programs are customizable, as well. You can have these programs altered to your specific requirements, deleting options and adding features.

Other CRM programs have also incorporated analytics tools that can sort out leads and create reports for you.

4. Quick Response (QR) Codes

QR codes, when scanned, automatically leads the user to a file, photo, or video. With QR codes, you level up your marketing game, making it more interactive for clients. Additionally, QR codes make it easier for your clients to access your website, Facebook page, listing photos and details. The codes can also redirect a client to a video home tour.

You can print these codes at the back of your business cards, which you can hand out during a house tour. Or, you can attach the codes on your emails.

Real estate agents have a lot on their plates. But, the overwhelming tasks should not be reasons for them to fret. Technological advancements are here, and they will help those who seek help.

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