3 Tips on How to Last the Australian Drought

Water flowing from faucet

Water flowing from faucetWater is a most precious resource in dry Australia. Rains are short and the dry season is long in the world’s driest continent — but Australians are finding ways to deal with water problems. If you find yourself short of water on the dry months, here are ways you can keep the tap flowing until it rains.

1. Reuse Your Spent Water

Houses that have limited access to municipal water need an efficient wastewater recycling system. Once installed, it uses spent water from your shower, bath, washing machine, and hand basins and treats it for use.

Recycled water can then be used for anything other than drinking — although more advanced recycling systems can even provide potable water.

2. Maximise the Water You Can Use

More available water means a steadier supply. Rainwater harvesting systems — combined with a fairly large rainwater tank — can add months to your water supply.

An alternate source of water is essential for households, especially for those living in the outskirts. Taking advantage of the short rains to stock up on precious water means you won’t need to travel for miles to buy additional water.

3. Use Water Efficiently

Australia has a Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme that rates products based on their water efficiency, helping you choose the right ones for your home. A simple change in your shower head can save you 30 percent of the water you use.

Aside from products, being aware of the water you use and having a mindset geared towards saving water will also improve your water efficiency.

Practising water-saving habits, such as cutting your shower time by a few minutes or turning off the faucet as you brush your teeth, can be enough to save you thousands of liters of water in a week.

Water is precious, especially in a dry country, such as Australia. Equip your house with the systems it needs to save water and make sure your family knows what they can do to save every bit of water they can.

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