How to Boost Sales with a Return Policy that Works for Everyone

Digital Bar GraphIt could be a huge deal to make some necessary tweaks to your return policy, but you have to do it if it’s not working for you and your customers anymore. Sometimes, however, handling returns isn’t as simple as following your return policy, especially if it doesn’t do anyone any good.

Here are some guidelines to help make sure that your return policy would make returns easier for you and your customers, as well as increase your sales significantly:

Offer free returns, but make sure they’re time-sensitive

Thirty days is the standard, but you could offer a shorter or longer timeframe depending on the specific product. Be clear about any conditions associated with returns, and require that customers return products in their original packaging, including tags, receipts, etc.

Treat customers who return products as opportunities

Do this instead of treating them as problems, advises a returns management services provider. For example, when a customer tries to return an item, try to sell them something else instead without being aggressive. It can be a related product or a better-quality item.

Consider offering store credit rather than cash

Depending on your products, most returns could probably be due to customers choosing the wrong size, model, style, etc. That said, aside from offering exchange and a cash refund, you should also offer store credit. This way, the sale would still be yours when the customer buys something else.

Track what’s working and what’s not

If your return policy doesn’t increase your sales beyond the effort and cost of managing returns, then maybe having a returns program isn’t such a good idea. Put simply, your return policy must result in increased sales that are higher than return costs, including restocking, shipping, and related costs.

Retail comes with specific challenges, and one of them is returns management. If you really must deal with returns, you might as well as implement a return policy that increases sales instead of diminishing them.

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