British Public Prefer Cremation Over Traditional Burial

Funeral Manager showing urn

Funeral Manager showing urnThe majority of British citizens now want to be cremated after death. Many funeral services include cremation as part of their funeral package to meet the rising demands of the public.

In a government survey, more than half of those who responded said they would prefer to be cremated after their death. As people age, this preference gets stronger. 71% of those over 65 years old said that they would rather be cremated.

Responding to Public Demand: Church, Chapel or Crematorium Service? 

Funeral packages in the UK offer traditional church or chapel services. An open casket service is a possibility so that grieving family and friends can say their last goodbyes. You can then choose to conclude the service with a cremation. People who would prefer a secular service can choose to have their ceremony at a crematorium.

Cremation with Memorial Service

People who prefer a more personalised approach can choose to have cremation first and then have a memorial service that their friends and family have in store. These memorial services are secular and could include poems, home videos and music. Their family can then keep the ashes or scattered in a place of their choice.

Direct Cremation

Direct cremation involves the transportation of the body from the morgue to the crematorium and cremation without a funeral service. This option is affordable than a standard funeral, and many people who wish to have an economical funeral choose this type of cremation.

Bio Cremation

Bio Cremation is the perfect choice for people who want to have an environmentally-friendly funeral service. Instead of using fire, hot water and potassium hydroxide are used. This method doesn’t produce the emissions produced by burning, making it a more eco-friendly way to have a funeral.

A cremation funeral plan allows policyholders to make sure they get the type of funeral they want, whether that involves no service or a send-off that is customised for a special final farewell.

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