3 Tips to Overcome Camera Shyness and Nail Wedding Photos

photographer is taking a wedding photo of the brideThere’s no doubt that wedding photos are one of the most beautiful elements of this milestone ceremony. But the process behind it? The fact that there’s a camera pointed at you all day? Nerve-wracking. Don’t let your camera-shyness self-ruin the best day of your life, though. Here are tips to looking your best and confident self (even if you’re squirming inside) on your wedding day:

Be comfortable with your photographer.

Sometimes, it’s not the photos (whether you’d look good or bad in them) that’s making you nervous, it’s the stranger behind the camera that sees everything you do. To overcome this, it’s important to get along well with your photographer and to be familiar with them. Days before the wedding, hang out over coffee or schedule a shoot day, so you’ll be at ease with them being behind the lens. Most Utah couples do this so they’re able to practice some poses and know their good angles. Consider this as well so that on the day of your wedding, you won’t be confused where to place your hands or how not to force a smile.

Choose a photojournalistic style.

Or sometimes called as documentary style. This kind of wedding photography, as JayLynn Studios and Salt Lake City experts explain, is aimed at telling stories of your wedding day through candid images of spontaneous little moments. Your wedding photographer, for instance, will capture that brief moment when your father hugged you at the aisle or when the groom teared up when they saw you. All without telling you what to do or how to pose. They’re the ones who will find the best angles to capture such. This is the ideal wedding photography style if you don’t want to feel forced in projecting to the camera, at the same time, be interrupted in the ceremony.

Quit overthinking.

Some people think there’s a certain way wedding photos must look. They go through thousands of pictures on Pinterest or bridal magazines to rehearse their smiles or body movements, which is okay sometimes, but often, makes them more conscious of themselves. Don’t be hard on yourself. Your wedding shouldn’t be like anything else; it’s unique. And as long as you’re enjoying the day, that joy will radiate on your face. Be as relaxed and comfortable as you can be. That’s the best way to look good on your photos.

When all else fails, cling to the partner on your side you’re going to spend your life with. That’s the best kind of cure to overcome camera-shyness. Or anything, really.

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