3 Top Tips for Managing Your Small Business Debt

Approved small business loan applicationMost small businesses operate on a limited budget. To keep processed going, they are often forced to accumulate a considerable amount of debt. This, in itself, is not a bad thing, as long as it’s not affecting your ability to grow as a business.

However, when debt starts weighing down on you, then you need to find ways to get it under control. Here are a few tips on how to do that.

Sort out your accounting

Few things can get your business back on track financially like sound financial management. An experienced CPA or tax accountant in Salt Lake City such as those from firms like Sorenson & Company can help you quickly reign in a debt that’s spiraling out of control.

They have the skills to track your expenditures including purchases and payroll and will advise you on how to spot something that’s beyond your reach and hence avoid more debt.

Start to make payments towards the debt

Calculate the total amount of debt, and begin making payments towards the oldest one. That’s because you want to keep your business credit rating secure. However, you can make an exception where an important supplier you owe is withholding your shipments until you pay down your debt.

The important thing is to avoid old debts slipping out of your radar.

Reduce your expenses

Sometimes, the reason you have so much debt is that you are spending too much on things you can save on. Take a good look at your supplies and materials and find out whether you can save more by doing comparison shopping and getting better deals.

Additionally, look for ways to clear out inventory that you don’t need but still have it in your warehouse. You could sell it at a discount, for instance.

Finding ways to reduce your business debt is a smart move. Not only does it increase your cash flow and boost your credit, but also improve your business’ bottom line in the long run.

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