Maintaining AC Efficiency: How Often Does Your Unit Need Service?

HVAC maintenanceEven if your air conditioning unit seems to be working fine, it’s still advisable to have it serviced, cleaned, and inspected at least once a year. This is to make sure that it operates at its peak and is able to give you and your family a comfortable indoor temperature at times you need it most.

Dirt and dust can affect your AC’s efficiency

Keep in mind that as your AC unit cools your home, it collects dirt and dust that may compromise the system’s efficiency. This only makes it important to check the air filters and condensing coils, as failure to do so can lower the operating efficiency of the unit. This only means that it won’t be able to cool your house as efficiently as it could if the filters and coils were clean.

How you can benefit from AC inspection/maintenance

HVAC companies in Knoxville, TN note that a regular inspection can do more than improve the unit’s energy efficiency. It can also help you save money on electric bills and even extend the lifespan of your air conditioner. An annual maintenance from licensed HVAC professionals, furthermore, can detect and address problems, as well as prevent early breakdowns.

A typical maintenance inspection involves checking the:

Drain line
Refrigerant levels
Operating pressures and temperatures

Assessing if an old unit needs replacement

A qualified HVAC technician can find and address even the smallest AC problems through a regular inspection. If your unit, on the other hand, is always breaking down and in need of repairs, an expert will help you evaluate if replacing the unit is more practical. Licensed HVAC contractors will also help you choose an install the right system for your home.

Don’t underestimate the importance of AC inspection, cleaning, and maintenance. Just be sure to hire reliable technicians to do the work for you. Note that it is better to rely on experts instead of consulting online and DIY guides.

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