Home Renovation: How to Stay Safe When Cutting Tiles

Men cementing tilesRenovating a bathroom or kitchen involves a lot of skill and requires the right knowledge as you work with different tools and materials. You have to know about plumbing, electrical wiring, and using the right tools for each task. And cutting tiles is a part of this process.

AmarkGroup explains that wet and dry diamond blades are best for cutting ceramic, porcelain or marble tiles. And using the wrong tools might be a safety hazard. Knowledge such as this will help you complete the job safely and efficiently. Here are five ways to stay safe when you need to cut tiles for your project.

Have a medical kit nearby

The most basic safety tip in life is to have a first-aid kit with you at all times. Organise it to fit whatever activity you will be doing. For cutting tiles, you will need basic materials, such as gauze, Micropore tape, Betadine, bandages, Band-Aids and any antiseptic wash for quick and clean wound-dressing.

Wear goggles

Protective eye gear is crucial for construction jobs. When you are cutting tiles, fine shards could fly into the air at a speed that can make it possible to penetrate skin and eyes. This can be very dangerous and can actually cause blindness. When you wear goggles, make sure they fit tightly and do not fall off easily.

Your tools must be sharp and clean

Does this sound like a no-brainer? You will be surprised how often some workers neglect this. Dull and dirty tools reduce their efficiency. If there was grime stuck in your blades, your tile-cutter can swing out of place and cut whatever is in its path.

It is part of your job to know all the safety precautions for every task you embark on. Follow these tips for your next tiling job, and you will finish that project with peace of mind — and in one piece.

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