Food Business Ideas if Owning a Restaurant Isn’t Your Thing

profiteroles with ice creamEveryone needs to eat so you can always bet on the food industry as a viable investment. But how can you carve your own niche in such a saturated market?

Here are unique food businesses that do not involve running your own diner.

Snacks Retail

Americans from all walks of life and different demographics crave snacks. Over 60% of consumers enjoy snacking, and over 80% of this group admits its something that they crave for. Salty snacks lead the pack owning 27% of sales.

Coming at a close second is candy at roughly 21%, followed by cheese-flavored goodies at 17%. Other popular snacks include nuts, crackers, and ice cream. There are many ways that you as an entrepreneur can attract a loyal following in this segment of the food industry.

Snack and food franchises are available from several companies. Check them all out.

Food Gifts

Don’t you find it mind-boggling to find a gift for friends and loved ones on special occasions? Instead of flowers or presents, which they may never use, beautifully packed food may be delivered to those who are celebrating their birthdays or a milestone.

It is also an appropriate gesture for those who are grieving and in pain as well. MealGifts, for example, was started by David Storke because he realized that flowers have little use to mourners. Food, on the other hand, is a big help.

Do-it-yourself treats

Baking is fun, but it can be tedious as well especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Actor, Sarah Michelle Gellar, is slaying the baking industry with a startup that makes available easy-to-make healthy pastry kits.

Foodstirs, a package that contains everything you need to whip up a delicious treat, makes baking more simple for parents and even kids.

Snack food franchises and other unique food businesses promise excellent returns especially if you’re an entrepreneur who loves to innovate.

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