Here’s an Easy Way to Plan a Mexican Themed Kiddie Party

burritos on a plateMake planning a lively and colorful birthday party for your little one easy with the help of these practical planning tips for putting together a Mexican themed party.

Here are five basic things to get you started.

Decorate with Bright Colors

A Mexican themed party is all about bold colors, and patterns so don’t hold back on using colorful party décor and mismatched table items for the kids. This charming setup makes the kiddie table look more friendly and casual.

Buntings, colorful paper strips, and bright colored paper flowers in equally cute tiny colored flower boxes as table centerpieces create a more festive atmosphere. And don’t forget the party hats!

Don’t Forget the Grown Ups

Parents need to eat, too! Make it stress-free and order food for them that matches the kiddie menu. You’ll never run out of options in the Springfield area when it comes to Mexican restaurants. Get your grown-ups menu from this Mexican restaurant.

They specialize in homemade entrees that pack a lot of flavor, which the grownups will surely love.

Serve Colorful Food and Treats

A kid’s party is not complete without a cake. As the cake is the showpiece of the party, you can easily tie its design to the theme by making it as colorful. You can also setup a kiddie agua fresca bar that features a dulce bar, too.

The agua fresca is pretty simple to make and can be made with any fruit — so pick the colorful ones to match the overall theme of the party.

Have Fun and Games

The piñata is the quintessential party décor for any fiesta themed party. Enjoy a game of piñata and other fun activities that are easy to facilitate like a memory game, a hat-making contest, and the Bring-Me game.

You can also place crayons and some coloring sheets on the tables for kids to keep them entertained.

Pack a Colorful Loot Bag

Pack a simple loot bag that goes with the colorful party theme. A box of crayons and a coloring book is a useful party favor. Cupcakes with icing decorated with colorful sprinkles also make a great after-party treat that the kids can enjoy afterwards.

Make your party planning a breeze with the help of these practical tips in planning a fun, colorful Mexican party for your little one.

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