A Guide to the Different Levels of Cut Resistance in Safety Gloves

Construction safety glovesHand protection is a vital part of workplace safety. Providing your employees with the best hand protection based on your environment is essential. It significantly minimises accidents and reduces days off from injury.

There are different types of protection provided by safety gloves in Australia. The most common protection is against cuts. Different gloves offer varying degrees of cut-resistance. Here is an expert guide to understanding the levels of cut-resistance in safety gloves.

Levels 1 and 2

Level one cut resistance is low-level protection and is not ideal in places where there is a chance of contact with sharp objects. The gloves are typically used for handling blunt objects like packages.

Level two cut-resistance gloves offer slightly higher protection compared to the first. They are used in tasks where there is a possibility of contact with sharp objects, but cuts are not a constant hazard.

Levels 3 and 4

Safety gloves with level three cut resistance are ideal for tasks with a constant risk of cuts from blades and sharp objects such as plumbing, light construction, and electrical works. These provide a higher level of cut protection compared to levels one and two while maintaining dexterity and hand control.

Level four cut-resistance gloves offer higher protection than level three. They are ideal for environments with a higher risk of cuts from steel and glass handling, automotive building and construction.

Level 5

This is the highest level of cut resistance from safety gloves and is ideal for highly hazardous workplaces. Waste management, heavy construction, and glass/steel handling are among the industries that use level five type gloves. These gloves also protect hands from abrasions, tears, and punctures.

Employee training is essential to ensure your safety gloves offer adequate protection. Educate them on how to use the gloves and the importance of proper use of these things. The gloves must also fit perfectly so that workers can perform their tasks comfortably and efficiently while wearing them.

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