To Appeal to Millennials, Your Business Should Focus on These 4 Factors

closeup of a young man holding a chalkboard with text our name is the millennials in front of a brick wallIf you’re starting a business and your target market are Millennials, you may need to rearrange your priorities. As they’re presented with so many options, you need to make sure you have the right kind of marketing mix to stand out. Here are the areas that you must focus on:

Unique Content

The attention span of the younger generation is close to that of a goldfish; it is extremely short. You need to be creative with the content you deliver. The key is not to make it only about your business. You need to create content that resonates with their interests, tells an interesting story, or offers something so good they cannot pass up.

Excellent Customer Service

You need to be approachable, and so does your whole team. Offer personalised customer service, so remember names and faces. Also, since Millennials are on mobile 24/7, you need to be active on social media too. Like what Michael Malinsky, co-founder of WUNDER2, says: Millennials go to your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page to ask questions or report something, and they expect you to answer fast.

Share-worthy Location and Space

Location is everything. It could be your biggest investment, but it could also potentially be the biggest contributing factor to your success. Millennials want to be seen where the action is. For example, Vancouver offers a lot to Millennials, but you want a commercial property in the most chic places in Vancouver.

Platform for C2C

Millennials want to meet their fellow Millennials. On top of building a shop where you make your products or services available, think about creating a space where like-minded individuals can meet and gather. Provide a space where they can have meaningful conversations. Perhaps you can also host events, a fun game night, or workshops.

Millennials are fickle-minded consumers, but if you’re able to make a good impression on them, they could also be loyal customers. Also, Millennials are great brand ambassadors. It’s just about finding their soft spots.

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