Important Company Changes that Also Save on Costs

Inside an office

Inside an officeWhen you brainstorm about things that can help improve the company culture, you think about how it will benefit the people and the whole office. The goal is to make employees happy, so they will stay and do their job well. Sometimes, these changes also benefit you in another way: they save the company some money.

Here are some examples:

Promoting Cleanliness

Sure, you’re expected to have a clean office, but making it a priority to hire janitorial services from a local South Jordan company and to place trash bins where employees can easily access them will help improve office health. You’re limiting the exposure of employees to dirt and bacteria, which avoids a spike in sicknesses.

Lost productivity is more expensive than just a regular day’s pay that you’re keeping in your pocket when employees don’t report for work. A clean office is also free of pests, which means you don’t have to pay for emergency pest control. Besides, if pest infestation gets worse, you might have to cease operations until the situation is under control. That’s lost profit, too.

Avoiding Forced Overtime

Overtime is paid with a premium, so when you force your employees to work overtime, you are paying more. On top of that, it also takes an emotional toll on your employees. You are taking away from time they have set aside for their family, friends, or other personal engagements. It’s acceptable to ask that they do some overtime work when the company is beating a tough deadline, but if this happens often, perhaps you should consider hiring additional employees. The salary that goes to these additions to your company will be cheaper than having to train new people because your old ones felt too stressed by work and left.

You’re losing more than just money when you don’t improve the workplace. You’re also losing employees. Don’t let that happen.

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