9 of 10 Millennials Still Read Magazines in the U.S., Survey

magazine spread in the office, in the background and the reception officeWith the rise of social networking sites, you might hear from other people that print media is ‘dead‘. Print media, like magazines and newspapers, have been moving to social media platforms to get followers from the new generation. What they don’t know is that millennials also love print as much as the generations before them.

The reality is 93 percent of individuals below the age of 35 still subscribe and read newspapers or magazine in Utah. This number even increases to 95 percent when we talk about individuals below the age of 25.

Survey also suggests that these subscribers are not just picking up magazines every now and then. An average person between the ages of 18-25 read more than 10 issues in the last month. The survey also says that most of the readers are college students and not working professionals, meaning they are as likely to visit social media sites as they see in magazines, take advantage of promotional offers for print copies, and share them with their peers.

What’s in Print Media that Millennials Prefer?

According to a survey, millennials are crazy about the tactile experience that magazines offer. It seems that it is enough for them to shell out money for the print versions rather than get it for free or cheaper as digital editions.

However, what the publishers are concerned about is the idea that the print copies that were purchased are also being shared. The survey suggests that 40 percent of the millennials are reading someone else’s copy. It’s difficult to say if this action takes the potential market out of the pool, or it is reeling them in.

Young readers have different motivations in reading. But one thing is for sure: they seek everything that is relevant to them. Every publisher’s decision of going digital or print will surely be based on how easily it can be shared. Social media may not be bad after all; in fact, it can even help boost the print media’s success.

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