Do These Before Moving Back Into Your Home After a Flood

House destroyed by a typhoonTyphoons and Hurricanes are some of the most devastating natural phenomena in the world. Sometimes, even when you think your home will never be flooded, the weather turns out to have different ideas. If you don’t have insurance for storm damage and flooding, you can lose everything and have no redress at all.

Even more important, if you are not prepared, the risks to your life may double. To reduce such risks, it is vital that you listen to government reports and warnings, particularly if your area may be evacuated. You need to have a bag ready, containing basic survival gear and supplies to last at least several days. Have a meeting with your family regarding what you should do in case you have to leave your home, if you are separated, or if someone is hurt. You increase your chances of survival with preparation.

After the flooding, you are probably just raring to go back home. But you have to be extra careful if you are allowed to. Here are some tips.

  • Wait for the all-clear from authorities before going back to your place.
  • Have an electrician turn off the power in your home if you were unable to do it before you left. If the power is out in the entire area, you still have to turn off your home’s main power.
  • Have an electrician check your appliances and the electrical panel in your home before turning them on when power returns.
  • Don’t enter your home if you’re not wearing shoes. Debris and broken glass may cause injury.
  • If walls and ceilings are buckling, avoid entering your home.
  • Discard any household items that have been damaged by the flood.
  • Take photos of the damage to your home.
  • Call your insurance adjuster in Florida or elsewhere to register the amount of damage to your home.
  • As much as possible, do not come into contact with floodwater. Keep children away from it.
  • Clean your home with detergent, a sponge, and a mop, and other cleaning implements. But flood usually leaves water damage. Call a professional to deal with the water damage. They have tools to ensure your home is dried out. Mold can infest your home if there is moisture.
  • Do not consume water or food that was left in your home during the flood.
  • Before settling back in, make sure the water supply is working as it should, the home is dried, cleaned, and disinfected, your toilet facilities are working, and the structural integrity of the house has passed inspection.

It’s hard enough to be in the middle of a dangerous weather phenomenon. What can put you and your family at greater risk is the lack of preparation and the risk of disease or injury after the flood. Make sure to follow these steps before you move back into your home after flooding.

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