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careerTo be indispensable in your company, or to earn a promotion, it is important that you invest in improving your skills. Coming in on time every day and never filing for a leave of absence won’t cut it. Here are some tips on how to get a promotion and make your company see you as an asset.

Make your boss irrelevant

This doesn’t mean trying to take your boss’s job, but rather, making your boss realize that they can trust you to do most of what they can do. Instead of focusing on a project, for example, your boss can rely on you to do it instead so they can focus on other things that help the company.

Invest in education

Education is valuable. When you’re trying to get a promotion, you’ll see how much more it counts. Sometimes, it is the deciding factor when two equally qualified people are vying for the same position. With today’s learning technology, it is easier to add to what you know and even get degrees and certifications more quickly than before.

Don’t avoid office gossip

Office gossip is bad, of course, but it will always be there. Don’t avoid it, but don’t participate in it. An important skill to master is how to differentiate which gossip is true and which is hearsay, and how to use the information to your benefit.

Play office politics well

Like office gossip, politics in the workplace will never go away. What’s important is how you play it. You can choose not to participate in it, which is ideal, but if you are forced to, be mindful of how it affects you and your image.

Be genuinely helpful and concerned

If you finish your tasks for the day too early, rather than gossiping or heading out for coffee, ask your boss if there’s anything else you can help them. You may also ask a coworker if they need help with anything. Be helpful and be genuinely concerned with how your work affects the company.

Invest in your physical appearance

You may be qualified for that promotion, but do you look the part? Sadly, this is a part of working that will never change. You still have to invest in looking good, from how you do your makeup or groom your hair, to how your clothes fit you and the workplace culture.

Companies and bosses don’t hand out promotions like office supplies. You have to work hard to get one. Heed this advice, and you’ll be several steps closer to that promotion.

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